Who We Are

Our Mission

The Animal Emergency Center is committed to providing accessible, caring and advanced emergency veterinary medicine for pets in the greater Quad Cities area.

Caring for you and your pet during a pet emergency!

Our highly trained, professional and compassionate staff, along with state of the art facilities and equipment means your pets will receive premier veterinary emergency care. We work closely with your regular veterinarian and our emergency and critical care specialists provide comprehensive care as part of our veterinary hospital team.


Bob Y.

"Great staff, prompt service, everyone involved in my dogs care took time to explain and talk about his condition and treatment. I was actually surprised at the low cost for an emergency visit. Very pleased."

Tina H.

"Earlier this year my dog had cancer. The night that I found out I took him to the AEC. They watched him overnight and gave him fluids. They were very caring and attentive. They were very sensitive to my distress as well. On a following visit they gave him a blood transfusion. All in all, I don't think I could have asked for a more caring, sensitive, professional staff."

Andersen H.

"I was there last week for my dog. Right away when we got there they were able to help her. They were very compassionate and understanding and even under the circumstances it was a good experience. I thought that it was going to be so much more expensive than it was, so I was happy. I'd pay anything to help my dog but it's always nice to see a smaller bill than you thought was going to come."

Lily Fund

The Lily Fund was established in 2001 by the staff of Animal Emergency Center of Quad Cities in honor of Lily and exists solely for the purpose of providing needed medical attention and triage to indigent pets. This fund allows special individuals who grace our doors everyday to show compassion through monetary donations