Bandit's Story

The Curious Case of Bandit's Apple Core

This is the story of The Curious Case of Bandits Apple Core. Bandit arrived to the Animal Emergency Center after eating an apple core. His pet parents were not sure if he had chewed the core or perhaps swallowed the entire thing whole. Bandit had been vomiting and his pet parents thought he had better get an exam. Dr. Hook examined Bandit and recommended that he be hospitalized and go through a Barium Series. This is a test in which a patient is given a white liquid called Barium that they must swallow. Barium is a contrast agent which means it highlights the gastrointestinal tract as it passes through. After the Barium is given a series a timed radiographs (x-rays) are taken. If there is something stuck the Barium will stop moving through or slow down and highlight what may be causing a blockage. If there is a blockage then the pet would require surgery for removal.

As you can see in the pictures our Veterinary Technician's, Brianna and Kelly, take the radiographs. They take a lateral view, which is Bandit laying on his side; and a ventral dorsal view, which is Bandit laying on his back. After several radiographs spaced out over several hours, Dr. Hook is able to see that there was no apple core stuck in Bandit. This was great news for Bandit and his pet parents! After eating and drinking on his own with no vomiting, Bandit was able to go home that evening.

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