Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Our Policies?

Referral Policy TEST

Animal Emergency Center of Quad Cities provides after-hours emergency care and monitoring of critically ill patients for many area veterinary clinics and hospitals. If you have a veterinary emergency, call your family veterinarian first. They may refer you to our clinic, which is staffed by veterinarians and technicians skilled in emergency care. We will notify your own veterinarian of your pet's visit on the next business day.

Discharge Policy

All hospitalized patients must be discharged from our facility before our closing time of 8:00 a.m. We suggest you plan to arrive between 7:00 - 7:30 a.m. the day of discharge. Please bring a leash or carrier for your pet.

Transfer and Follow-up Policy

In cases that need further hospital care, you can transfer your pet to your family veterinarian after discharge. Our staff will fax all case records to your own veterinarian so they can continue the care your pet needs. Pets going home will receive written instructions for follow-up care and a copy of the records will also be sent to your daytime vet.

Treatment Triage Policy

Often times, multiple emergencies may be presented at the same time. The staff will assess the severity of each patient's symptoms. Those with the most critical conditions will be examined/treated first. In some cases, we may recommend your pet wait and be seen by your regular veterinarian the next day. All critical patients will be seen as soon as possible, but your patience is appreciated if your pet must wait.

What Are Our Fees?

An emergency fee of $120.00 which covers the initial exam will be charged to all clients. This fee is slightly higher, $130.00, after midnight and on Holidays. To avoid misunderstanding, the emergency fee and form of payment will be discussed prior to patient admission.

After the initial examination, the doctor on duty will give an estimate of further charges for treatment, hospitalization, or surgery. In some cases, an accurate estimate of total charges will be delayed until a full case evaluation is made. If your pet's condition changes after being admitted, we will attempt to contact you about further treatment or estimate revision. If a critical situation arises and you cannot be reached, we will provide the necessary care. Pre-payment is required prior to major services or hospitalization with payment in full due upon discharge of pet from our facility.

What Payments Are Accepted?

We accept cash, check and major credit cards. We also have payment options entitled "Care Credit" and "Scratchpay" which allows you to apply for credit to our facility and enroll in potentially interest free payment plans. Please click on the following Care Credit link or Scratchpay Link for more information and to find out how to apply on-line, by phone or fax.